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You can register any time, receive Free Uniform
3 ways to Register, click the "Buy Now" button above
4 weeks do not start until you take your "first" class
You can take your first class on any day you want, we do not have sessions, we have continuous, unlimited classes. You can start the same day you register, you can start next month, or you can even start next year. There is no expiration for the day you start.
Some people like to register when we are offering a nice special, and then they do not start until their calendar free's up
We offer classes all week long, Monday through Saturday, and there are many classes available for you to train. You can go to as many classes a week you want to. Keep in mind that most students go 2 times a week, that's all you need to attend. However, if you want to go more, go for it! The schedule is wide open so that you can attend whenever you are available.
Each class is designed to have similar ages and belt ranks, with a minimum of 2 Instructors, sometimes as high as 5 instructors per class!
Call 248-828-4360 for more information, or a better description of what you need to do to register.
On top of all these facts, we know we have the best Martial Arts school in the state, let alone the surrounding area. Given that, we really want students to see us first, and not take a chance to get turned off by a bad school, so please give try us first.
Our goal is to exceed all expectations of students at Troy Martial Arts. We hope to see you soon!!!!!
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Kids Classes (5-10)
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Kids Classes (11-15)
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Adult Classes
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Family Classes
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Self Defense
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