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All karate students are instructed at the Troy Martial Arts dojang by certified karate instructors, who's goal is to help students develop karate skills, resulting in:

Kids classes are taught a specially designed curriculum that perfectly matches their abilities, and will be motivated to achieve their goals in karate through a combination of courtesy, patience, repitition, and positive reinforcement. Each student is viewed as an individual. Some students have natural physical talent while others will struggle daily. We work with each student to help them to be the best they can be. No student will ever be compared to another. We do, however, ask each student to always give us their personal best during karate class.
The Advanced karate class moves a little faster, and the students begin to develop the ability to train without hand-holding. For example, the instruction will cover the kids curriculum a few times each day, then ask them to continue to practice on their own (or with a group of similar belted students), while the instructor travels the floor and observes and coaches. This teaches the student the responsibility of practicing their taekwondo and to understand they have the ability to train independently. This builds self-confidence and self-esteem for the kids. Students will assist fellow students through the curriculum, building amazing leadeship skills, trust, and friendship between the students. We strongly encourage the students to compete at this level.

We offer classes starting weekdays at 4:30pm, 5:20pm, and 6:20pm, depending on how early parents can get them to the Dojang. Can't get there for the 4:30pm class? Bring them to the 5:20 or 6:20 class!
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Kids Classes (Age 11-15)

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Kids Classes (11-15)
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